XSPOC Admin Training - Houston, TX - May 2, 2019

XSPOC Admin Training - Houston, TX - May 2, 2019

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The one day course supplies the student with the information to successfully administrate the XSPOC program and database. Here, you will learn how to customize the system to your needs, schedule automatic printing of reports, create links to Microsoft Access for user-defined reports, set-up database maintenance, and re-install and restore the database. A good working knowledge of XSPOC is required. Engineers, IT system administrators, production superintendents, foremen, field technicians, and lease operators will benefit greatly from this training.

Introduction: An overview of how XSPOC works, explaining the various components and their function.

The Main Console: This part reviews the functions of the main window of XSClient, the user interface to the program, and how the Well Group Tree provides a unique and simplistic way to navigate by groups of wells and individual wells.

The Group Status Window: The group status screen allows users to view the current state of wells at a glance. This screen uses intuitive colors to draw attention to problem conditions. You will learn how to customize this screen and generate reports that prioritize the results by criteria you select.

The Card Viewer Window: One of XSPOC's most valuable screens, the card viewer collects, displays, and analyzes dynamometer cards. You learn how to collect new cards, analyze them and use the results for optimizing the pump-off controller.

Instructor: Ian Nickell
Registration: call us at 661-633-2792